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Script & Performance

On-Camera Technique

Acting as a Business 


A good deal of class time is spent working on cold reads, breaking apart a scene and finding the heartbeat of a script, researching the overall premise and diving into line-by-line analyses. From Shakespeare to Sorkin, words are spells and as actors we get to cast them again and again.

Come be a wizard! 

This class is an exploration of how each of us individually play, together or alone. I try to nudge actors and artists (and non-artists) to lean in to and admire those traits that make each of us uniquely ourselves. If we can do this, creating feels more grounded and far more permissible so that  even in drama there is play, humor. The greats do it, it's their secret sauce. I want us to discover this same unstoppable "it" factor for ourselves!

Camera acting is more than being "natural," it's technical performance artistry. Like with all technical skills, the best way to improve is through practice. We work on camera technique and authenticity in front of a camera, advancing to folding in the same energy and study behind a great theater performance.The goal is to transform a performance from good to incredible.

Acting is more than just auditioning and performing, it is a lifestyle. We do weekly career check-ins, discuss the ins-and-outs of an acting lifestyle, constantly ref the business at large, and work on monthly goals to advance all actors toward the successes they are working to achieve.

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